Bible Journaling and Bible Art

bible journaling art doodle
Hey everyone,
I have been spending my extra hours focusing on Bible Journaling and Bible are as i tune into the wonderful blessings of the One and Only!! I’ve discovered Bible art journaling and thought I’d share my doodles here since I’ve had several people from Facebook ask me if they could share and Pin my work. I’m new at lettering, but I’m really enjoying the process. I’ll continue to share as i create.

bible journaling art doodle

My 2 year old son, Lincoln loves painting and creating, so I carve out a bit of time each day, for us to focus on creating and out Creator.


bible journaling art doodle

Flash Back…!

daddy3I can’t believe how quickly time flies when you have a Little in your life. These are the precious moments I’ll treasure for all eternity. Thanking GOD for the sweet blessings in my life. And there are MANY!

I love New Orleans – Textures

We’ve been hanging around the French Quarter lately. The weather has been too perfect to be indoors. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful New Orleans.neworleanstexture.jpg

I spotted these beautiful doors while walking the streets. I love the texture and the worn look. You’ll find that all over the French Quarter.


We didn’t get any gumbo, but we enjoyed some jambalaya and white beans with catfish. YUM!


I love the balconies and the bright homes and doorways of New Orleans. I guess I was born in the right place. You can find statutes like these all over the French Quarter. This one was behind some buildings in an ally way. Beautiful.

Creativity lights up my soul and New Orleans is the home of so much beauty and art!



Can I please have a home entrance as lovely as this? I love New Orleans style homes, with old shutters and beautiful windows! So much personality!

neworleansbrightdoors.jpgNear the end of the day we spotted this colorful building with the bright orange and blues.  I have 100x more picture of my lovely New Orleans. It’s hard to keep your finger off the shutter button.

Aspiring Keyboardists

aspiring keyboardistsWe have 2 aspiring keyboardists in the house! We found an old keyboard in Brad’s closet at his mother’s home during the holidays. And I surprised Brad with a nice keyboard for his birthday. So, it seems father and son will have another hobby to enjoy together.

Teaching your Toddler the Power of Stillness

Father and Son Meditate“When you teach your son, you teach your son’s son.” – The Talmud

I captured this photo of Brad and Lincoln having a sweet moment together… as father teaches son the value of stillness. Meditation has recently taken a place of value in Brad’s life and he took a brief moment to see if Lincoln could focus and benefit from a few seconds of stillness together. Lincoln followed along as his father instructed him how to sit cross-legged with his hands together in his lap, quietly breathing in-and-out. Its amazing what a 2-year-old is capable of. He sat and observed and imitated, and there was silence (and cute smiles) and conscience breathing (for a few seconds!). I was so proud of them both.

Pretty Feathers

pretty chicken feathersWouldn’t it be nice if you could put your hair clippings into a bowl and have a display as lovely as this one? My chickens have such beautiful feathers, don’t you think? ::LOVE::

Workout Gear Wish List 2015


workoutgear.jpgHere are a few Workout Gear items I’m loving at the moment!

1, 2, 3     <—— Links

1. How perfect is this tank? Great message! And I love the color. Nice and feminine. I’m having a hard time picking out which tank to get, this etsy seller has a bunch of really cute and inspiring designs! Check her out!
2. This hoodie is a great reminder to be grateful each day. I love the design on the back too! This shop kicks major butt. Lots of unique clothing there. I think I’d love to own everything they offer.
3. Thes yoga pants are so cute! Love the look and feel. And I bet they are super comfy! And how about that yoga pose!? Makes me want to get on my mat!

Are there any workout favs you’ve been eying this season?!

Chickens and Toddlers

lincoln loves his chickens2

Lincoln loves his Chick-Chicks! And they seem to enjoy him as well. He IS the official bringer-of-chick-treats! hehe!

Yesterday Brad and I gathered the courage to finally clip their wings allowing them more freedom to roam the yard. I don’t know what all the fuss was about, it really was as easy and painless as a haircut. :) I’m so glad we have access to resources like YoutTube. My girls would have been cooped up for a while if I hadn’t found simple instructions online. But this particular video gave me the courage to go ahead and clip away.

5+ reasons why you want to begin journaling this year and some ideas to help you start now

journalingforhealth.jpg I’ve always been a writer…

Maybe not the Best Writer, but a writer through and through. Since I was a young child, you could often find me huddled up in a cozy corner, scribbling out the days insights and happenings, recording my moments of happiness and sadness, wishes for the future, or feelings of inadequacy. I’d lovingly tuck away my hand-decorated notebook in a space just for me. There was no judgement. Journaling was my secret place, my hide out, my sanctuary.

It’s funny now, recalling journaling from my elementary school years

I actually had a personal journaling ritual to wrap up each day. I’d turn on my bedroom lamp each night, pull out my flower journal and remove the lace shoestring I had tied around the cover for extra protection and secrecy. I’d pull out my favorite pen and carefully record what had happened that day, followed by name of sweet boy who deserved my attention in that moment.  Each day began a new opportunity for someone else to win my affections. I’d thoughtfully jot down each boy’s name, only to scratch through it before the end of the school day. There was always someone new. I’d carefully write in the name of the boy who was lucky enough to secretly receive my adoration for the day. I filled up page after page of scratched out names : Devin, Jacob, Christopher, Sean, Bradley… Each having their few hours of glory in the Rachel Spotlight of Love… Only to be suddenly replaced by the next boy who happened to share his pencil with me, or allow me to cut in the lunch line.

Oh, to have such sweet and simple feelings and emotions again. To love so freely and effortlessly, and feel so deeply, moment after moment, because of something so simple. A kindness. A sweet gesture. A thoughtless response. All deserving of my puppy-love and admiration in that moment.

I’m proud to say I’ve since graduated to a much deeper appreciation for my personal relationships. Heh! But I’m grateful for the reminders, smiles and laughter those journals bring to me now. Reminding me of those forgotten childhood years. The magic and the innocence. The five minutes it took to scribble out my feelings each night were worth the joy I receive from my own words and thoughts now.  And I’m sure they will bring much joy and laughter to my children and grandchildren as the years pass.

Consider Journaling

You don’t have to keep notebooks full of scratched out crushes (unless you want to have a nice laugh or two later down the line!) or anything requiring much thought, for that matter. But you should consider getting a journal. If only for releasing some extra mental clutter. You don’t need anything fancy. Just a simple notebook and a pen will do. And start recording your own account of your life; jotting down feelings and happenings and unique ideas. The practice will be worth the effort and the rewards will be fulfilling.

Here are 5 reasons why you should begin journaling now:

1. Help Organize your Thoughts

–  Visually seeing your plans and intentions written down helps you to organize and facilitate new ideas more easily. An organized life makes for less time wasted and more time for action. Sometimes you don’t understand a thought until you’ve written it out and had a new perspective to process from.

2. Better Understand your Emotions

– Writing out your thoughts can often help you evaluate, adjust, and direct feelings and emotions in a healthy direction. Being able to see where your mind has drifted to and how you’ve proceeded through life’s experiences helps you to see more clearly. And allows you a better opportunity to readjust, reevaluate, and redirect, if needed. Journaling is a powerful tool for personal growth. Try it! It works!

3. Provide Clarity and Focus

– Journaling out your thoughts will help you keep record of your goals, thoughts and ideas. This can be beneficial in preparation, understanding, and planning for the future. It can help you determine where your true passions lie, what’s most important to you right now, and where to place your focus and energy.

4. Increase Awareness

– Journaling helps clear mental clutter. With a refreshed mind comes clearer thought processes, new insight, better understanding, and a new sense of clarity.

5. Help yourself Heal

– Releasing past judgements, grudges and pent up negativity will help you move forward. It is a healing practice. By writing these feelings and congesting thoughts down, you release the ideas out into the world and allow yourself the freedom to let go and move on.

And here are a few more reasons why you can keep a journal:

It helps you sort through challenges.
It helps you release the troubles and tensions from the day and is a great tool for winding down.
Your journals are a place where you can share goals and dreams, and your plans for the future.
You can express yourself freely without fear of judgment.
You can always discover new perspectives.
You can enjoy creating “to-do” lists and checking off “have-done” lists.
You can use Pros & Cons lists to help you make decisions.
It allows yourself to record the small things in life that you’re likely to forget.
It helps with organization and making sense of the day-to-day occurrences.
It helps develop insight and  intuition. You can look back and find that a feeling you had about something was spot on (or completely off!).

Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Start with a List!

-To-Do list, Have-Done list, want to buy list, want to accomplish list, have accomplished this year list, things that make you happy, things that get you pumped, things that help you relax, things you want to complain about (and then let go of!), things you’re proud of, and things you’re grateful for

Doodle Journal!

-Stick figure doodles are a simple and fun way to express yourself and are interesting to look back on down the road. I doodle all the time, creating little stick figure scenes in my journals or on love notes. I also love to sketch out positive words or phrases, or draw out abstract color scribbles to creatively record my moods. Give it a try!! Have fun with it!

Ideas you don’t want to forget

-scribble down inspirations, quotes, craft ideas, recipes you’ve found that you want to try out, books you want to read or have read, music you’ve discovered, tidbits and snippets from websites, books or courses you’ve taken and want to keep the tips in one location, funny things your child has said or done, sweet moments between you and a loved one, advice you’ve received, or compliments you’ve been given

Written Free Flow Meditation

-Write without thinking. Put pen to paper and just write. Get everything out, let your emotions do their thing and allow it all to free flow out on the paper. The more you do this one, the more you’ll discover about yourself. You’ll find and release deep emotions and discover new plans, dreams, thoughts, goals, and feelings. Free flow writing can move in every direction on the discovery map, but its good to let your mind release that energy. Let it get messy, let it get wild and crazy, let it do whatever it wants to do. You’ll feel relieved afterwards. Maybe you’ll discover new passions, or come up with a new plan or path. Maybe you’ll write about the mystery of blue whales, or the first time you had French toast. Who knows?! But you will definitely feel more connected to yourself. And that’s always a good thing in my book.

Record and Treasure Your Personal Story

I’ve kept just about every journal I’ve ever written in. I have boxes full of notebooks, journals, and loose-leaf filled folders. I have journals from my childhood, along with from my adolescence and those irrational teenage years, then through college and as I discovered my independence, through heartache and passion, and finally through motherhood. The range of emotions and interests are as wide as the ocean is deep.

And I’m glad I have these memories. I’m grateful for the reminder that I’ve lived. I’ve felt. And my life has been full of living.  It hasn’t all been exciting, and I most likely won’t win any  “Lifetime of the Decade” awards or anything like that. But I value these accounts of my life, all the same. The good and the bad are all tucked away in a box, safely, and lovingly, stored away… for those moments I feel like stepping back in time, and seeing how far I’ve actually come. I treasure these personal recordings of my experiences. They are raw, and real, and beautiful.

*Record the story of your life! If you don’t journal already, grab a notebook and pen, and start now! If you already do, great! How about encouraging someone you know to start the habit?  What a great way to start off the New Year!

Self Portrait Photo Week 2

Clouds and clovers Wild Here
Its another week, and another self portrait session has come my way. I spent today practicing some creative ideas and finding new interesting locations. What better way to learn portraits then practicing on yourself, right? I have to say though, it is a bit challenging. Trying to get the camera to focus on a point before the person is even in the frame takes practice. Its been an interesting experience, but I’m learning quite a bit. Every chance I get, I try something new and am learning as I go.  This particular shoot was fun. I went to an abandoned Visitors Center in my local area. The building had been destroyed after hurricane Katrina swept through the area and the location was never restored. Such a shame, this building is really beautiful. Makes for interesting photos, at least. It has nice textures and backdrops, which I’m a huge fan of.

Trying to pose in front of the lens has been challenging, as well. I think with time I’ll become more confident and understand positioning and posing much better. I think I haven’t done half bad considering I have to run up to the the camera, push the shutter control button, and run back to the focused location, and then quickly come up with a pose before the camera snaps the picture. I have 2 seconds to accomplish this!! lol!! It’s been fun! There is an old man that is the keeper of the grounds around this park area, and I’m sure he had a nice laugh or two at my expense. Running up to the the camera and back again as fast as possible, and then striking a casual pose. heh! Its been a fun day. I’m grateful for the time alone to focus on my passions.

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